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    To best serve the community, the VR Juggler project has a few mailing lists available to its users. Questions that are asked on these mailing lists will be sent to other VR Juggler users and VR Juggler developers. Because of diverse nature of the VR Juggler community, most questions will be answered quickly no matter the question content.
    Note: You must be subscribed to post to any of these lists.



    Subscribe to the VR Juggler announcements list to receive notices about new releases and important updates.
    Announcements List [ subscribe, search archive ]


    For VR Juggler user questions and discussion, contact the VR Juggler users list (subscription required to post).
    User Questions/Discussion List [ subscribe, search archive | old archive ]


    If you think that you have found a bug, first check the tickets on the VR Juggler Google Code site. Then, search the users mailing list archive (or the old archive) and the developers mailing list archive (or the old archive). If your search turns up nothing, then register yourself on the Google Code site and file a new ticket.


    VR Juggler Developer Google Code Site

    Development tracking is done through the VR Juggler Google Code site. All issues, bugs, and feature requests should be entered there.

    Mailing Lists

    For discussion of new features and bugs in the current code with other VR Juggler developers, contact the VR Juggler developer list.
    Developers List Info [ subscribe, search archive | old archive ]

    Subversion commit logs for the Juggler Project source tree. This list is read-only and cannot be posted to.
    Commit Logs [ subscribe, search archive | old archive ]